The Intentional Play Summit is a full day event with keynote speakers, breakout sessions, round table discussions over lunch, and a closing happy hour. Selected developers will be displaying their games in an evening arcade.

Games and emerging experiential technologies have the power to motivate us, to encourage us to live more healthy lives and to learn to empathize and live more compassionately. They have the potential to teach us better than any textbook. Games have this potential because they can engage us in their story and the systems of their worlds in a way that no other medium can. We see shining examples of games that do this well, but as an industry, we still have a lot of room to innovate and make a greater impact.

Video games can immerse a player in a world that they discover through exploration and intentional play. We can immerse players into the systems of academic subjects to discover them on their own. We can immerse players in deeply emotional experiences that can inspire new thoughts and behavior. This is, of course, easier said than done. As developers, how do we get there? As educators and social good leaders, how do we best leverage the power of this medium? How can practitioners and developers work together toward this goal? That is what the Intentional Play Summit is all about.

Sooinn Lee speaking at the Intentional Play Summit

Who is this conference for?

Sooinn Lee speaking at the Intentional Play Summit

A goal of this conference is to bring in many different professionals in order to best cross-polinate ideas and provide the best opportunities for learning. This conference is for:

  • Game and emerging tech developers already working on learning and social impact products
  • Game and emerging tech developers looking to learn more about opportunities in this space
  • Edtech and social impact tech entrepreneurs and builders looking to learn more about games and other technologies that could expand impact
  • Education leaders and teachers
  • Social impact leaders
  • Researchers